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Новости: Tequila News

Tequila News

Tomas Estes, globally renowned tequila ambassador, creator and proprietor of tequila Ocho introduces a new concept to the drinks world, an infusion of 100% agave Ocho blanco tequila with pure cooked agave fibres. ‘Curado’ is the first of its kind, a pale golden spirit that has an exceptionally full and complex agave flavour.

In the late seventies Tomas began experimenting flavouring tequilas with botanical ingredients, showcasing his creations at his restaurants in Amsterdam, London and Paris. Using natural ingredients such as cinnamon, vanilla, coffee beans, dried and fresh chillies, he began to develop the concept of infusing these with tequila calling them ‘curados’ or ‘the flavoured ones’. Curado is also the name given to flavoured pulque in Mexico, the rather unpalatable drink that’s made from fermented agave sap.

In 2009, Tomas decided to try infusing his own brand 100% agave, single estate Ocho Blanco tequila with natural cooked agave, with its rich, earthy flavour it seemed the perfect complimentary component with which to work. With the help of Stefano Francavilla, Sophie Decobecq and Charles Vexenat, Tomas began mixing and blending combinations of tequila and cooked agave until they found a ratio they were happy with. Only 460 litres of Curado have been made, at time of press, with London the first port of call.


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